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How to choose the best Ecommerce Platform

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How to choose the best Ecommerce Platform

19 April, 2020 Ecommerce

How to choose the best Ecommerce Platform

Realizing a successful ecommerce business and making money while at sleep is a dream for many. I mean, who would not want a share from the $4.88 trillion pie of eCommerce sale in 2021?

Be advised that choosing an eCommerce platform would be the first step in this journey, and you will need a perfect eCommerce store builder to put up your dream storefront.

Which eCommerce platform is best to build your eCommerce store in 2019? What eCommerce platform features make a perfect CRM while giving you the best eCommerce SEO features? Finally, which option makes an affordable solution in a specified budget?


It also doesn’t mean that you can simply lob some hefty budget and get the best storefront for your business. It’s a double-edged sword and there are tons of options viable to get hurt. You can spend fortunes and hire a team to develop everything from scratch, or you can opt for a turnkey eCommerce platform and save a lot of time and money.

Here in this article, I am going to discuss the second option. I will tell you how to know if you are choosing a correct eCommerce platform for your dream setup. Outlining the things to consider while choosing an eCommerce platform, I will also give an estimate implication on your overall investments.

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8 features to look for in any eCommerce platform you choose

  • 1. SEO Friendliness
  • 2. Mobile friendliness
  • 3. Security features
  • 4. Platform Scalability
  • 5. Product Management System
  • 6. Order Management System
  • 7. Return Management System
  • 8. Multi-channel Integration

Over to you: choose wisely


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