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  • 1 rue Emile Borel Paris, France
  • +33 6 14 18 30 46
it services

As you can see below, we offer various services on IT field. We cover generally the whole scope of an IT project. We start from the functional part and we finish by delivery of you projects. Architecture definition, development and quality part are included in the process.

Our main services

  • Functional and business consulting
  • Urban and functional architecture
  • Applied and technical architecture
  • Technical development
  • Quality ans test engineering
  • Compliant delivery with various environments
You can contact us with the details of your need / project and we will be happy to give you the good response.
Our teams in Tunisia and India are available with diffrent remote tools to study your project and start working on ASAP.
Don't hesitate to send us an email or call us by phone on the number shown up (available on whatsapp).